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Porterfield Knife &Tool Shot Show Launch

by Stephen Gallagher


Porterfield Knife and Tool

Ocala, FL (JANUARY 3, 2016)

Porterfield Knife & Tool is proud to announce its first public offering of high quality products. Porterfield is the namesake of a family who settled in central Florida many generations ago clearing the dense scrub and thicket of the region for cattle and agriculture. No strangers to good, hard work, these pioneers knew the value of rugged, dependable tools which their lives and livelihoods depended on daily. The rich and storied traditions of the family have merged with those of the legendary Bladesmith, Steve Schwarzer to create knives and tools of the highest caliber and design.

Steve Schwarzer is an internationally recognized Master Bladesmith. Mr. Schwarzer began evolving his craft in the 1960’s, with a particular interest in hand forged steel incorporating old world techniques. As his reputation began to attain a cult like status, he began offering his creations for sale to the public around the mid-seventies. Mr. Schwarzer’s knives are some of the most sought after works in the world of custom knives. While his designs possess his world-renowned signature style, they are also first and foremost, at the pinnacle of the craft in function and performance using the highest grades of high carbon steels, crafted with his blend of ancient methods and state of the art techniques. An accomplished author of many books on the subject, as well as a legendary Martial Arts Master, Mr. Schwarzer brings knowledge, experience and passion to Porterfield Knife & Tool that is unparalleled. His dedication to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovative design is a gift to the art of bladesmithing that will mark his place in history for all time.

Henry Gallops further fortifies the Porterfield team as Lead Engineer, with over thirty years in mechanical engineering. With over 19 patents already under his belt, Henry’s contributions to the outdoor sporting world have been immense. Henry started his illustrious career designing and producing Bang Sticks and Powerheads for the spear fishing industry, and from there, he began a long and successful career with Bear Archery and Mathews Archery. He was the creative force behind numerous innovations in the Archery industry, and is currently involved in several cutting-edge design projects in the Firearms industry as Lead Engineer for Core Rifle Systems. Henry and Steve oversee the rest of the Porterfield team of dedicated, passionate Bladesmiths.

Eric Morton is the Production Manager and oversees the daily operations of Porterfield Knife & Tool’s bladesmithing facility. Eric’s passion for the craft goes back many years, beginning with him crafting knives as a hobby in his spare time. Under Mr. Schwarzer’s tutelage, Eric is perfecting his skills and fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Eric is an army veteran who served with 11 Bravo, Airborne out of Ft. Benning, GA. and went on to serve with the 6th Infantry Div. Arctic Light in Ft. Rich, Alaska and then served with the Florida Air National Guard. Eric has been a career First responder as a Firefighter and Paramedic for over twenty years and brings a wealth of real world experience in the use of life saving tools and cutting implements.

Please be sure to visit our Booth (#2331) at Shot Show in Las Vegas, Jan 17th thru the 20th and check out our line in person. Parties interested in meeting with the team can contact Mr. Welch to set an appointment.

Press Release Point of Contact:

David Welch
VP National Sales



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